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Requirement:   Testing Engineer
Job Description:  

Selenium expert with strong database architecture knowledge

Expertise in SQL Query and Query analyser


Java skills

Should have Good Knowledge in Core Java Concepts -   OOPs concepts, Exception Handling, Collections, Multithreading and synchronization.

Expertise in Java Database Integration with JDBC connectivity


Back end skills

Writing SQL to Create, Read, Update and Delete information from SQL server database/tables.

Ability to write in-line SQL statements from Java programs using JDBC template.

Experience using Query analyzer to analyze and debug SQL

Knowledge of creating/reading/updating stored procedures.

knowledge in SQL Queries with Inner Outer joins, Group By, Having etc.

If interested, please share your updated resume

Job Location :   Chennai
Required Experience :   2 to 4
Required Education :  
Job Posted on :   01-02-2017
Anchor :   Gita
Email ID :
Contact No :   +91-4442932900
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